EMSIS - Emergency Medical Services Information System

Stand Alone Configuration - EMSIS Provider is run on a single computer. (More)

Networked Configuration - EMSIS Provider can be run on multiple computers across an EMS agency's network. (More)

Web Configuration - EMSIS Provider can be run on multiple, non-networked computers with standard Internet connectivity by using... (More)

EMSIS Provider is a complete incident management and reporting desktop application. Incidents are entered into the system either manually or as an upload from EMSIS Rover. As incidents are entered, they are checked against the business rules defined at the State level. Incidents are then transmitted to EMSIS Server (at a point in time as required by the State), and checked for validity. Any incidents that do not fulfill State requirements are reported back to the agency for correction.

State Compliance and Updates
As the State makes changes in EMSIS Design Console, these changes will automatically transfer to EMSIS Provider the next time the provider connects to upload its incidents. This means that EMS Providers are always in compliance with the State requirements with no action on the part of the EMS Providers. Please click here for a visual representation of how this process works.

EMSIS Provider allows an EMS Provider to maintain a copy of their data, import from third party systems such as CAD systems, and export to third party systems such as billing systems. Also, EMSIS Provider will file into any State EMS data collection system that validates against the NEMSIS schema.

Configuration Options
Depending on your agency's size, the knowledge of its technical staff, the location of their satellite offices, and the communication infrastructure of their agency and geographic location, we can configure EMSIS Provider to work as either a stand-alone desktop system, a client/server desktop system, or as an intranet web service.

EMSIS Provider

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State Configuration and Updating
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