EMSIS - Emergency Medical Services Information System



Tablet PC

EMSIS Rover is field data collection software that operates as an extension of EMSIS Provider. It is used by EMS professionals in the field to collect incident data, and can be configured to work on a laptop, tablet PC, or PDA. EMSIS Rover offers many advantages to other data collection methods.

One major advantage is that medics are able to document the incident while “on the road”, eliminating duplication of entry. Another advantage is that the entry screen is configured by the same Data Definition that is maintained at the State level through EMSIS Design Console. This means that software basically updates itself. Next, careful attention has been paid to the data entry screen to ensure that incident documentation is completed as quickly as possible. One other advantage is that once an incident record is complete, the patient care report can be printed and delivered with the patient.

Incidents that are entered into EMSIS Rover are simply uploaded into EMSIS Provider at the end of the crew's shift. During the upload process, any changes that were made through EMSIS Design Console are downloaded to EMSIS Rover and the software is automatically updated.