EMSIS - Emergency Medical Services Information System

EMSIS Design Console puts the power to quickly change the appearance and requirements of the EMSIS system into the hands of the State. (More)

EMSIS Server is the data repository for the EMSIS system. It collects... (More)

EMSIS Web is a Web based incident data collection tool that allows incident data entry from any Internet enabled computer via a State hosted Web server. No client software install required! (More)

EMSIS Server is the data repository for the EMSIS system. It collects, stores, reports on, and will eventually upload incident data into the NEMSIS database.

EMSIS Server collects incident data from EMSIS Web, EMSIS Provider, or third party applications which support the NEMSIS standard. When the data is uploaded, EMSIS Server checks the data against business rules (Conditions and Validations) defined through EMSIS Design Console to ensure that only valid data is accepted. If an incident record is rejected, EMSIS Server creates an error report detailing the error and reports it back to the EMS Provider.

EMSIS Server stores the data collected from EMS Providers across the State on a State database server. This data can then be used for informational and statistical reporting.

EMSIS Server offers robust searching and reporting capabilities by allowing you to search on nearly every data element within the system. Also, in addition to a number of bundled reports that are initially installed with the system, EMSIS Server allows for user defined reports to be created and installed into the software. Currently, we recommend the use of the Crystal Reports® reporting tool for report development. However, many other third party tools may be utilized.

EMSIS Server will be able to transmit the captured incidents into the NEMSIS database.